Responsible: Vladimir Kulikov
Created Date: 2019/10/08
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I’m Vova Kulikov, a software engineer with a designer background. Found myself really passionate about UX/UI and write some open-source code. I create UIs using React, TypeScript, Dart lang, AngularDart, and Figma to design.

I love generative art, I perform at conferences about it and I'm interested in mathematics and so on.

Currently I'm working at Wrike on the most popular and high interactive views of the product - Table View and Gantt Chart and UI-Kit components library.

Recent public talks

Recent projects

  1. 1. Duration utils - a simple way to implement your own duration input with hooks. Include duration parser, formatter, and utils for an easy way to work with a duration.
  2. 2. Line chart - this is a project that my friend Boris and I made for the telegram contest
  3. 3. Flexible textarea component - tiny components which solve a problem with dynamic height and width of textarea element